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Brazil extracts about 2 grams of gold per inhabitant in 5 years

Brazil is historically a major gold producer. In the last five years, 406 tons of precious metal have been mined, according to data from the National Mining Agency (ANM) raised at the request of the R7. It means that the country produces, on average, 81.2 tons per year. The amount is equivalent for each of Brazil’s 209 million inhabitants to… Read more »

House will use $20 million to reform parliamentary offices

The difficult times of fiscal adjustments did not prevent the House of Representatives from deciding to spend $20 million to reform 81 parliamentary offices and include a bathroom in each. The rooms are located in the so-called annex 3, one of the buildings adjacent to the main congress building. The wing houses the only offices without their own bathrooms. In… Read more »

Professionals only have until today to withdraw salary allowance

Brazilians who worked at least 30 days in 2018 only have until this Friday to withdraw the money related to the salary allowance of PIS and PASEP. The amount available for withdrawal ranges from R $84 to R $998, according to the period worked in 2017. Those who were employed in the whole year, for example, receive a full minimum… Read more »

Guedes talks about halving gas canister prices

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said on Thursday that the price of gas cylinders can fall up to 50% with the opening of the sector market in the country, because of greater competition between companies. Last Monday, the National Council for Energy Policy approved the resolution with guidelines to start the opening of the gas market in Brazil. Currently,… Read more »

UN criticizes Bolsonaro for defending mining in the Amazon

A report by the UN Human Rights Council (United Nations) cited Brazil as an example of a nation that has taken steps in the opposite direction to addressing climate change. The Jair Bolsonaro government’s pledge to release parts of the Amazon for mining, the restriction on demarcating indigenous lands, and the weakening of environmental protections and agencies are criticized. Environment… Read more »

Commission withdraws Dilma’s pension application review

The Amnesty Commission of the federal government removed from the agenda of its meeting on Wednesday the analysis of the process in which former President Dilma Rousseff (PT) seeks compensation for political persecution during the military dictatorship. At the opening of the session scheduled for 9:30 am, rapporteur Any Avila Assumption stated that she would need more time for consideration… Read more »

Bolsonaro defends free baggage veto on flights

President Jair Bolsonaro defended on Saturday the veto regarding the free baggage on domestic flights this week. The president sanctioned the 100% opening of the capital for foreign airlines but vetoed the rule that prevented airlines from charging up to 23 kg for luggage above 31 seats on domestic flights. Bolsonaro told reporters that the role of president has “burdens… Read more »

Ministry of Agriculture announces $225 million Harvest Plan

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday (18) that the 2019/20 Harvest Plan will have $225.59 billion in resources for business and family farming. The figure points to stability in the total earmarked for funding compared to last season, at a time when the government faces a fiscal tightening. The volume of funds includes R $222.74 billion for rural credit,… Read more »

Pension reform is approved by 44% of the population, says IBOPE

The pension reform divides the sentiment of the Brazilian population, according to the IBOPE survey hired by the Center for Public Leadership. The survey shows that the reform is supported (wholly or partially) by 44% of the population. Another 49% are against the text and 7% could not answer. An opening of the figures, however, shows that only 19% say… Read more »

Assembly bans plastic straws in bars and restaurants of SP

The Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo approved on Thursday a bill that prohibits bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments in the state to provide plastic straws to consumers. The text states that anyone who wants to distribute straws will have to use products in recyclable paper, edible or biodegradable material. The project still goes to the sanction of the governor… Read more »