Jennifer Lopez shows off her buttocks in a poolside bikini with a metallic finish

No one can deny that Jennifer Lopez is running some great campaigns ahead of her singles launch, and the one she’s now done on Instagram promoting her song “Change the step” has been nothing short of spectacular. In her report on this social network, the diva from the Bronx showed off her bottom in a photo taken in the pool, in a silver bikini with a metallic finish.

“Cambia el paso” is a collaboration between Jennifer and Rauw Alejandro, the trendy urban music artist. A few days ago the song was released on the main platforms, but the official video clip will be available on YouTube tonight.

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez began posting messages on Instagram drawing her fans’ attention to the premiere of this single, but also photos showing her appearing on a Miami beach in jean shorts and a white blouse; It’s the main outfit he wears in the clip of the song that all of his followers will see very soon.


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