Two doses protect against the Delta variant, according to the European agency

At a press conference, the regulatory agency said vaccines approved on the continent protect against the strain | Photo: Bigstock

European Union-approved Covid-19 vaccines protect against all circulating variants of the coronavirus, including Delta. But both doses must be applied. The information comes from the European regulatory agency (EMA, acronym in English), during a press conference of the agency, which took place on Thursday (01/07).

According to Marco Cavaleri, director of vaccination strategy at EMA, it is currently understood that the four vaccines approved by the European Union protect against all strains circulating on the continent, including Delta – first detected in India. .

“New data from real-world evidence shows that two doses of vaccine protect against the Delta variant, and laboratory data shows that antibodies to approved vaccines are able to neutralize the Delta variant,” Cavaleri explained during the press conference.

Also according to the representative of the agency, the acceleration of vaccination and the maintenance of public health measures are very important tools in the fight against the pandemic. “In particular, it is essential to ensure that the vulnerable and the elderly complete the immunization schedule as quickly as possible to limit the consequences of the spread of the Delta variant throughout the year,” he said. -he declares.

Vaccines in Europe

There are currently four vaccines against Covid-19 approved by the European Union:

Cominarty vaccine (Pfizer / BioNTech); Janssen vaccine; Spikevax (Modern); Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca / Oxford).

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