Spots and cones dominate winter skin treatments

Among the most suitable treatments in winter are medium to deep peels and more ablative lasers, such as CO2. Photo: Bigstock

Removing acne and melasma spots and doing treatments that generate “scabs” are the most common skin procedures in winter – and the most suggested by dermatologists because they require the elimination of sunlight, which can generate side effects, when the skin is sensitized, such as imperfections. post-procedure.

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Among these most suitable treatments are medium to deep peels and more ablative lasers, such as CO2, quotes dermatologist Valéria Franzon. “The prescription of specific filters also helps with post-surgical protection, in addition to the demand for treatment with solar ultraviolet rays, which generates post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, something particularly important and delicate in the event of melasma”, specifies- she, who is also a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR).

On the other hand, treatments such as fillers, botulinum toxin, microneedling, support threads and non-ablative lasers can be performed all year round, with no indication of specific seasons.

Plastic with smoother recovery

Despite current thinking that healing and general recovery after surgery occurs best in colder periods, plastic surgeon Daniel Botelho says it has no implications from a medical and scientific point of view, occurring from the same way and whatever the season.

“The great demand for plastic surgery in the winter occurs more during the July holidays because the person can better plan a smoother recovery, with more time available,” he says.

The gain in recovery in cold weather, when there is any, concerns greater comfort in surgeries that involve the use of meshes, such as those for body contouring: tummy tuck, lipoabdominoplasty, liposculpture and high definition lipo, explains t- he, who is also the director. of the Management and Career Planning Chapter of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

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