Cold “fattening” foods are healthy if they are homemade and use fresh produce

In winter, use more natural ingredients and eat moderately and regularly, without starving yourself for long periods of time. Photo: Bigstock

You can maintain a healthy diet in winter, but don’t give in to foods high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, says nutritionist Sophie Deram. “Fats and carbohydrates are also part of a quality eating routine, the secret is to eat more fresh foods, more homemade foods and cut back on ultra-processed foods: don’t give in to ready-made soups , industrialized broths and frozen foods. The ideal is to plan to have more homemade and fresh products available, whether in the kitchen or in delivery “, he explains.

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Metabolism speeds up in the cold, causing more hunger to try and maintain body temperature. “Respect your hunger – there’s no point resorting to salad if your body wants something fuller and hotter. All foods are allowed when there is a balance, especially if fresh and homemade are basic, ”she says. Even foods considered “fattening” are great meal options if they use more natural ingredients. In addition, you should eat them moderately, regularly, without long periods without food. “Soups, creams, risottos, pies, purees, pancakes and pastas are good options as long as they are consumed in moderation and while respecting hunger and satiety. Remember, your body needs energy, ”he says.

Sophie says it doesn’t depend on the cold for a person to gain or lose weight, even with changes in metabolism. It will all depend on the balance between what is consumed. “Metabolism is faster in the cold just to try and maintain our body temperature. A well-nourished body does not undergo much weight change. The accordion effect is more common in those who are at war with the body. try to control food, it goes into cycles of restriction and exaggeration and then yes it can make you fat, ”she says.

And how do you continue to exercise?

In addition to abusing calories and fat, winter also keeps people away from gyms, parks, and other places to exercise, either through less disposition or increased laziness.
“Physiologically, in the cold, the body has a harder time waking up. When the body needs to warm up, the musculature becomes more tense, while when it receives heat from an external source, such as a blanket, it becomes more relaxed. This makes the decision to skip blankets and go out for physical activity very difficult, “said Cristiano Parente, voted the world’s best personal trainer in a competition held in New York in 2014. In addition to having difficulty waking up, the body really feels the contrast between the ambient temperatures.

So that the cold does not frighten people from physical activities, it is essential to understand that the body needs to be moving every day, regardless of the weather. “Our bodies have an ideal operating temperature. In cold weather, it is necessary to gradually warm up the structures of the body, until reaching an adequate temperature to move safely and achieve good performance, ”he says, stressing the importance of hydration in cold weather. , for a good maintenance of physiological processes.

For those who enjoy sports and water activities, coping with the cold of the outside environment is usually the most complicated part, due to the body’s difficulty in dealing with the contrast in temperatures. But for Parente, there are alternatives out of the water to keep these people active all year round. “Varying activities throughout the year is even beneficial for the harmonious functioning of the body”, explains the trainer, as well as to understand the benefit brought by each movement carried out. “Thus, low temperatures will no longer be an excuse or a demotivating factor for these seasonality”, he concludes.

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