Is it already possible to dream of the next vacation with peace of mind?

Traveling is safer for someone who has had two doses of the vaccine, but isolation is the safest way to stay free. Photo: Bigstock

The more the vaccination progresses and the number of serious new cases of coronavirus decreases, the greater the feeling that things will soon return to normal. And as the routine resumes, old plans can be redrawn. Vacation travel is in this package. With more than a year and a half of restrictions around the world, many people dream of traveling and think about how to enjoy it without putting themselves in danger.

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For Keilla Freitas, infectologist at Sírio-Libanês Hospital and director of Regenerati Clinic, traveling is safer for those who have taken both doses of the vaccine, but isolation is the safest way to avoid being contaminated. “Today, as vaccination progresses both in Brazil and abroad, we are better off than a few months ago. However, there is no prospect to talk about the end of the pandemic “, underlines the doctor.

The biggest problem, according to the infectologist, is the emergence of new variants. “The more the virus circulates, the greater the chances of emergence of a new strain resistant to the vaccines that we have today. If that happens, we will have a serious problem, because we will have to start the vaccination process over again, ”he reinforces. The only way to minimize this threat, she says, is to speed up the vaccination process.

If you can’t travel, plan to

And if he’s not sure whether to travel yet, it’s time to plan. Travel agent Cleoni Garcia says several clients have already started rescheduling their trips and thinking about new ones, but international destinations are still uncertain. “Today, no channel has 100% of the travel information. I have to look at the websites of airlines, foreign operators, websites of Brazilian companies, ”he reveals.

Cleoni says domestic destinations have been more sought after, as here it’s easier to change plans and even reschedule tickets and accommodation. Interim measures that were eventually converted into law guaranteed certain rights to passengers who were on purchased trips and had to change their minds due to the pandemic. Many, however, have yet to recover the amount used for purchases. The ideal, for now, is to prepare.

Save money, study the destination of interest, find out how many days are needed, find hotels or accommodations such as houses and apartments, how much money will be needed for each day. Here are some tips from the travel agency. She also emphasizes that documentation is an important part of this planning.

“The passenger thinks about the money and forgets the documents. The passport, for example, has a high cost, ”he warns. She recalls that it is not always quick to issue the document and also advises people to inquire about the need for a visa. “The visa must be available in time to travel. The United States has not yet opened, but the calendar for the American visa is October 2022, “he warns.

If you can travel, be careful

And for those who are already able to travel, whether on business or on vacation, the recommendations of the World Health Organization should be followed. “The use of a mask and hand hygiene greatly minimize the risk of contagion”, confirms Keilla. She says the minimum distance of 2 meters from other people should also be maintained.

The doctor also indicates that the hydroalcoholic gel is always present and that closed places, even air-conditioned, are to be avoided. “In restaurants, it is better to sit at tables in open places with a minimum distance of 2 meters between each other”, he exemplifies. She also believes that it is very difficult to get contagion from the simple handling of glasses and cutlery, but that very simple cleaning would solve the problem.

After the trip, the infectologist advises the person to wash their clothes as soon as they arrive at their destination and to ensure that the hotel room has been cleaned before their arrival. And even those who have already been immunized should take the same precautions. “Today we see a light at the end of the tunnel, but we will only be able to say that the pandemic is under control when we have 75% of the population fully vaccinated,” Keilla concludes.

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