How to help (and not hinder) your partner’s weight loss

Exchanging treats with food for other types of affection is an important weight loss attitude in the family. Photo: Bigstock

When a person at home decides to initiate a weight loss strategy, be it a spouse, parent or child, the minefield is planted. If everyone is not on the same page, even if only indoors, it is hardly possible to lose weight.

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The two in a relationship or the whole family do not always have weight problems or the desire to lose weight together and, therefore, those who do not have this goal are often not willing to help the person to lose weight. side to lose weight. “Too often I hear the complaint in the office: ‘Doctor, my husband / wife is not helping me'”, quotes endocrinologist Maria Fernanda Barca, PhD of USP. But how can a family member help or at least not hinder?

Hated with the food

For those who decide to help, the first step, according to the endocrinologist, is to abolish the idea of ​​pleasing each other with food, something one learns in childhood when parents and grandparents give us treats when we do the right thing.

“It happens again in adulthood, with the aggravating factor that we have a brain reward system in which we feel ‘cuddled’ when we eat something tasty, so this should be eliminated if the idea is to. help, ”she said. So no chocolates, candies, and heavy foods to show affection. “Change it for hugs, kisses or even something material that you like as much as the food, but without making you fat,” he explains.

competition separates

A second step is to monitor if there is not a competitive relationship between the partners, such as “I am in one piece and it is over”, quotes Maria Fernanda, who also shows how the marital relationship is and is a attitude to be rethought.

“It also leads to thinking, ‘I’m not going to change my diet or that of the whole family because I don’t need it,” ”she says. So the investment in healthy eating is stopped and chocolates, cookies and other delicious baked goods continue to arrive home.

good hypocrisy

In such cases, a little “hypocrisy” can help. “Locking or even hiding candy and only eating when the person is not there is valuable to prevent them from falling into the temptation to eat, even if only a small piece, which ends up not being that’s it, ”she says, who is also a member of the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM) and the European Society of Endocrinology (SEE).

enter head first

Another step is to share the challenge. There is no point in making very tasty food for yourself, and for those who need to lose weight, making silly and boring food. “The ideal is to accompany and eat the same foods as the other and to avoid what is not indicated in front of the person”, she specifies.

simple measures

Some simple steps can help at home when serving: keeping food away, leaving pots and pans on the stovetop and not on the table, forces the person to move and think before serving again. “That way, everyone will think about repeating the dish,” he says. Another resource that has helped a lot, according to the endocrinologist, is the help given by nutritionists through apps, which monitor people’s diets by seeing pictures of the size of the plates and raising awareness of what. you have to eat and in the ideal quantity. meal, keep track of those who want to lose weight while exercising, help others make physical activity part of their routine. “There are a lot of people who don’t like to be physically active, so encouragement from the partner is very important,” she says. Helping provide healthy, fresh food and set up certain routines is a role of the spouse or family that is helping a lot at this time. “Prepare vegetables to eat before a meal. Chewing for 15 to 20 minutes releases hormones that help give you the first feeling of fullness. Make sure you don’t eat in front of the TV or the computer and create adequate space in a relaxed environment, ”she says the relationship villain, which can affect the relationship.

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