Adamari López Causes a Stir on Social Media After Sharing Crying Video

Over the weekend, Adamari López caused a ruckus on social media after sharing a video in which she appears to be crying- a lot.

It all unfolded on her TikTok profile, where the “Hoy Día” star posted a short recording in which she was seen sitting on a white sofa, holding her cell phone, dramatically crying, while also telling her fans that it wasn’t that would impact them at all.

“I don’t understand why they say I cry a lot,” she said in the caption. “Nothing affects me, I don’t really understand it… I don’t understand it!”

At first, a bunch of her followers were concerned and started commenting to try to help. Then, they realized it was simply a TikTok filter and, basically, a joke from Lopez.

Later, she shared many of the thousands of messages that her fans sent when they saw the crying photo. She was obviously touched by the concern, even if it was a joke.

Some of the comments included, “You are a very good actress,” “She is a real actress, she could act in a thousand ways,” “I almost believed it,” “You scared me Chaparrita,” “I thought it was was real,” “I believe this crying filter,” “Even crying you are beautiful” and “I saw it without audio and thought of the worst.”

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