Adele Talks Painful Divorce, Says She’s ‘Definitely Open to the Idea of Marriage’

It’s been two years since Adele and Simon Konecki, the father of her son Angelo, divorced, and it hasn’t been easy. Lately, Adele has been doing the press rounds to promote her new album, “30,” and the subject of her divorce has been at the top of the list of questions she’s getting asked.

While the marriage wasn’t for her, Adele says being married wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was something she enjoyed. In a new interview, she says that even though things didn’t work out with Konecki didn’t work out and it was painful, she enjoyed the “security” she felt sharing her everyday life with the then love of her life. That said, she wouldn’t rule out marriage again.

“I am definitely open to the idea of ​​marriage,” Adele said in an interview on SiriusXM Radio. “The feeling I had when I was married was that I was sure I had never felt this way before. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but I miss the marriage.”

She also discussed what it was like going through the divorce and how she had to approach it with a mature mindset. “I think it’s about sitting down like two adults and starting to talk about how they’re going to separate their lives. You must be respectful and calm, otherwise nothing will be resolved. I think that with 30 years there is no point in making guilt or making comparisons,” she said.

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