‘Así Se Baila’ Judges Say Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel Should Have Won

The voting public picked Gregorio and Luna Pernía as winners of the first season of “Asi Se Baila,” but the judges think it was the wrong pick. Judging by tough criteria such as the technique of the dance, the judges have stated they think Adrian Di Monte and Sandra Itzel should have taken first place.

In an interview following the big show, judges Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián De la Fuente discussed the whole journey and the winners. They also weren’t shy about who they thought should win. Watch the interview below.

“In ‘Así se Baila,’ the audience voted, and voted for different factors, because they fell in love with the couple, because they won the hearts of the audience, because they had an evolution in dance, they identified, and this succeeded in moving people vote … We had nothing to do but celebrate its evolution,” Cristian and Adamari said.

They added, “As we have said from the start of the season, ‘Así se Baila’ is an unprecedented competition, which brings together not only the characteristics of people who manage to excel and dance on the dance floor, but also who have a story that matters, and to move, and to reach the hearts of the people who see them through the screen. This is what we saw and experienced at ‘Así Se Baila,’ we saw people who excelled in dance, but we also learned their stories, and it moves and makes the skin red, and that’s why people vote for them too (Gregorio and Moon)”.

“Although none of us are professional dancers, we know how to recognize work on a dance floor as a professional, and that’s why we said the winners are Adrián and Sandra, speaking at a level 100 % technical, but we also figured it out from day one they left. identification,” Mariana said.

“It was a complement to things that people chose Gregorio and Luna are winners, and that we understand best, the ones who danced the best in the competition were Adrián and Sandra,” Cristian added.

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