Chiquibaby Takes Her Daughter to Have Her Hair Cut and Shares It With the World

When you’re the parent of a little tyke, sometimes simply things like bathing them or cutting their hair can be, well, difficult. It’s always an adventure, but it’s always a gamble wither or now your baby is going to behave when it’s time for those tasks.

Reporter, model and TV presenter Chiquibaby had to take her adorable baby to get a haircut recently, and she shared video of the fun on Instagram for the world to see.

In the post, she states that her baby, “Had his first haircut, to make it even and grow strong, healthy and uniform, because it was only in front of him!!!! And my princess behaved wonderfully.” I’m sure more mothers would love to have their little ones behave so well, too. Watch the video below.

Also on Instagram, Chiquibaby shared how wonderful it is to be a mother. This is her first Christmas as a mom, and stated, “Now that I have experienced that unbreakable bond between mother and daughter from both ends, I confirm once again that there is no greater love than this.”

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