Gregorio Pernía and His Daughter Luna Win ‘Así Se Baila’

Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna are the officially winners of “Así Se Baila.” Last week, the reality TV show “Telemundo” gave $200,000 and the Romero Britto trophy to the winners, who celebrated by thanking fans on Instagram.

“We gave it our all; as we advanced, the demands of the competition challenged us even more to improve, which led to a synchronicity between Luna and me that is not only on the dance floor, but also in our father-daughter relationship,” the actor wrote on his Instagram account after the win.

Luna also took to Instagram to thank fans, and her father, stating, “I can’t explain the joy and pride I feel for my dad. The best gift he could give me was to have started this project four months ago with great enthusiasm and desire to learn.”

“Thanks to all those who with their votes made them the creditors of $ 200,000 and the trophy,” Telemundo stated on their social media accounts alongside a photo of the winners.

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