Marjorie De Sousa Shows Off Flexibility on Instagram, Gives Thanks for 2021

In the middle of autumn, Marjorie De Sousa raised the temperature with a new post on Instagram: a photo in which she shows off her flexibility and athletic abilities by lifting one of her legs sky high. Wearing a black T-shirt, boots and shorts, the actress thanked – via hashtag – what 2021 gave her and wrote the message: “Live like this makes you happy !!! ❤️ 🥰🥳 ”

De Souse is certainly keeping busy these days, as a few days ago, she attended an event hosted by Original Living magazine, where she was the guest of honor, since she graces the cover of the December issue. View a photo of the cover on De Sousa’s Instagram. Giving free rein to her role as a model, she appeared on the catwalk wearing an elegant blue dress, garnering applause from the audience.

Marjorie De Sousa has gained wide acceptance for her role as “Julia Torreblanca,” the villain of the hit telenovela “La desalmada.” The Venezuelan actress, model, and singer has appeared in numerous TV shows and films throughout the years and has won a bevy of awards, including honors from the Bravo Awards, Miami Life Awards and TVyNovelas Awards.

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