Jennifer Lawrence is a Huge Ariana Grande Fan

Superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence says she felt like “a radio contest winner” when she had the chance to meet singer Ariana Grande. It’s quite the statement, since Lawrence, herself, is something of a rock star, being an Oscar Award-winning actress.

Grande appears in the movie “Don’t Look Up” as half of a music “power couple,” where she plays pop star Riley Bina with rapper Kid Cudi, who stars as DJ Chello.

The Adam McKay-directed film stars Lawrence as astronomy student Kate Dibiasky with alongside professor Dr Randall Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, as the two discover a comet is heading right at Earth.

During at a press conference for the film, Lawrence said of Grande, “I mean, I’m a huge fan of her music and Scott’s… It’s just like, you know, like overwhelming. ‘Cause our worlds don’t normally collide.”

Lawrence added of the encounter, “I just felt like a radio contest winner. I just didn’t know how to talk to her. So I just, you know, did my best.”

Grande and Kid Cudi perform the song “Just Look Up,” which they co-wrote, in the film, and the track has been released as a single. Listen to the new song below.

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