Sax of Maldita Vecindad Was Galilea Montijo’s Early ‘Crush’

Just like everyone, Galilea Montijo, who got her start in the beauty pageant “La Chica TV México” in 1993, had a celebrity crush growing up. In a new interview with Shanik Berman for his television show “Intimamente Shanik,” she dishes on her early celebrity “Crush,” and she says it was the late Eulalio Cervantes, known as Sax, from the rock group Maldita Vecindad.

Sax passed away in March of this year, but he left a collection of music for the world to continue to enjoy.

“I have strange tastes, well, it’s not because the person is strange, but because, I don’t know, there are certain …” she says in the interview. “I like all men. The truth is that they are all handsome, without them we do not live, for example, they I’m going to say, to give you an example, Sax, the one from the group, from Maldita Vecindad. I like his face, I don’t know ”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Montijo also discussed how much she loves Italy, stating, “I want to go to Italy. I had the opportunity to meet an Italian boy, and I am delighted with the Italians.”

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