Here Are the Top 10 Most Fun Cities in America, According to WalletHub

Everyone needs to have fun once in a while, and the holidays are the perfect time to embrace the moment. Now, the folks at WalletHub have set out to discover the most fun cities in America.

WalletHub defines a fun place as “as one that packs a little bit of everything for everyone — except maybe people seeking the most extreme of thrills,” according to the study. They add that a city with lots of variety gives its residents a chance to enjoy themselves in a multitude of ways, whether its with friends, families or alone.

To find the American cities with the “greatest number and variety of fun yet cost-effective options,” WalletHub looked at more than 180 U.S. cities judged on 65 key metrics. “They range from fitness centers per capita to movie costs to average open hours of breweries,” WalletHub states.

So, which city is on top? According to the study, Las Vegas, Nevada is the most fun city in America. That makes sense, because there’s lots to do in Las Vegas. No. 2 on the list is Orlando, Florida, the home of Disney World and a plethora of other theme parks. Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana, round out the top five.

View the top 10 most fun cities in America, according to WalletHub’s study. Find the full list via WalletHub here.

WalletHub’s Top 10 Most Fun Cities in America:

1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Orlando, FL
3. Atlanta, GA
4. Miami, FL
5. New Orleans, LA
6. San Francisco, CA
7. Austin, TX
8. Chicago, IL
9. Honolulu, HI
10. New York, NY

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