Watch horses and carriages deliver Amazon packages on Michigan’s Mackinac Island

Amazon has released a new video showing how they deliver packages on an island where no motorized vehicles are allowed

Amazon is known for its delivery trucks, but on Mackinac Island in Michigan, no motorized vehicles are allowed. So, how does Amazon still manage to deliver packages on the island?

In a new video posted on Amazon’s blog, the company takes viewers through the adventure of delivering packages on Mackinac Island. In the clip, Mackinac Island Mayor Margaret Doud discusses how important Amazon’s service is to residents. The global pandemic makes the delivery service even more critical, he says.

“We’re an island, so we can’t always jump in our car and go and shop,” Doud said. “When we enforced a lockdown on all our city buildings, at points I wondered how we were going to get through it.”

In the blog post, Amazon adds that, “Mackinac Island is one of the unique locations that Amazon delivers to. Without access to traditional delivery vans on the island, we leverage our interconnected logistics network and strong third-party carrier partnerships to transport and deliver packages directly to customer doorsteps on the island—by horse and dray carriage.”

Amazon also highlights local resident Sara Chambers in the blog post, who has been a resident of Mackinac Island her whole life. “As the individual in charge of overseeing the horses and operations, Sara has supported island deliveries for more than 20 years,” the add.

“My family has been on Mackinac Island for seven generations,” Chambers says. “While living here has its challenges, it’s a wonder that ordering and receiving the things we need isn’t one of them. The hundreds of horses that live on Mackinac Island are truly special. We rely on them heavily for deliveries as well as transportation; they’re really the heroes of this magical spot.”

Watch the full Amazon video below to see what it’s like to deliver packages by horse and carriage.

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