Michigan State University classes to start remote after the holidays

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Michigan State Spartans will start their spring 2022 semester online

Michigan State University has announced that the majority of its classes would begin the semester remotely following the holidays.

A letter from MSU’s Office of the President sent out on Friday (Dec. 31) states that start of the semester, which is the Jan. 10, will mainly be held remotely for the first three weeks of the semester. The exceptions will be some labs and professional school programs, which need to meet in-person. Students are being told to wait for special instructions from their instructors in the next week.

The letter added that even when the school is online-only, the residence halls will be open and available for students returning to campus. Residence halls will also have food and dining options for students in the dorms, the letter states.

“I realize that students prefer to be in person, and so do I,” Samuel L. Stanley, the presidents of MSU, said in a statement. “But it is important that we do so in a safe manner. Starting the semester remotely and de-densifying campus in the coming weeks can be a solution to slowing the spread of the virus. During the first three weeks, my leadership team and I will be reviewing case numbers and other COVID-19 trends regularly to determine what additional protective measures will be enacted.”

Down the road in Ann Arbor, in-person classes at the University of Michigan are set to resume according to the regular schedule on Jan. 5. The school is implementing additional health and safety protocols for the winter semester.

“We are prioritizing student learning, the pedagogical needs of our academic programs and the enriching classroom interactions that can’t be fully replicated remotely,” Michigan President Mark Schlissel and Provost Susan M. Collins said in a Dec. 28 email message to students, faculty and staff.

To view the full Michigan State University letter, go here.

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