More than 200 workers at Lansing’s Sparrow Health System are out sick with COVID-19

Sparrow says that 69% of their COVID-positive patients are unvaccinated

LANSING, Mich. – According to Sparrow Health System Spokesperson John Foren, more than 200 of the hospital’s workers are out sick, dealing with COVID-19 amid the growing omicron variant. That number includes workers stationed at all Sparrow locations throughout Lansing, Michigan, and all departments, including health care workers and non-health care workers.

In addition, on Wednesday (Jan. 5), Sparrow announced that 69% of their current COVID-positive patients are unvaccinated. In comparison, the Henry Ford Health System in the Detroit area recently released numbers stating that 95% of the patients in their hospitals with COVID-19 are not boosted.

“As COVID cases continue to rise, we must remain vigilant against the spread of the virus,” Sparrow Health System said in a statement. “Practice safe social distancing, wear a face mask when appropriate, wash your hands frequently, and get the COVID vaccine.”

“Frankly, we are very concerned about what is going to come in the days ahead, typically we see increases in patients and hospitalizations after holidays, and we are bracing for one of the bleakest months yet we have faced throughout this pandemic,” Dr. Adnan Munkarah, Henry Ford’s executive vice president and chief clinical officer, said during the conference this week.

At Sparrow Health System, 117 patients are hospitalized. Of those, 82 are not vaccinated, and 35 have gotten the shot. Out of those 117 patients, 100 are at the Lansing Sparrow location.

At Henry Ford Health System locations, 65% of patients currently in the hospital with COVID-19 haven’t gotten one dose of the vaccine, according to a statement. Currently, 480 patients are hospitalized with the virus at Henry Ford Health System.

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