NFL ‘Black Monday’ results: These head coaches are gone

Despite his last two winning seasons, the Miami Dolphins let go of Brian Flores on 'Black Monday'

The last regular game of the NFL season took place Sunday (Jan. 9), meaning that this Monday (Jan. 10) was “Black Monday.” It’s that treaded day when NFL coaches and team members are told to move on, usually following a few years of disappointing seasons.

This “Black Monday” actually brought more changes than expected- and some shockers. The biggest surprise came in the form of Brian Flores being let go from the Miami Dolphins. He won 10 games last year and seven this year. It’s a record many coaches would be happy to have, but he wasn’t able to make the playoffs in his three years as head coach, which is why, reportedly, he is no longer with the team. He might be lapped up by one of the other NFL teams, if not this season, perhaps next.

Here are the NFL head coaches that are no longer with their teams as of Monday:

Brian Flores, Dolphins
Matt Nagy, Bears
Mike Zimmer, Vikings
Vic Fangio, Broncos
Urban Meyer, Jaguars
Jon Gruden, Raiders (resigned)

With so many changes on “Black Monday,” this offseason will be an interesting one to watch. There will be plenty of changes to pretty much every team’s roster. We’ll have at least six teams with new coaches with new coaching methods. There isn’t a big-named quarterback up for grabs in the draft, but all the other changes more than make up for it.

One name that’s being tossed around a lot in regards to possibly getting a NFL head coaching position is Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan. Harbaugh just wrapped up a winning season with the Wolverines, beating Ohio State for the first time under his direction and taking home a Big 10 victory. Harbaugh is rumored to be interested in leaving Michigan for either the Raiders or Bears. While loyal Wolverines think he’ll stick with the team, experts are hearing otherwise. Harbaugh is certainly one to watch in the coming weeks.

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