Quality Dairy: 5 fun facts about the beloved Lansing store

Get to know a Lansing landmark: Quality Dairy

If you grew up in Lansing, Michigan, or have ever lived in Lansing at any point in your life, chances are you’ve been to a Quality Dairy or two. The local convenience store has deep ties in mid-Michigan, beginning in 1936 when it was founded by Gregory J. Martin and Harvey Mack.

The very first Quality Dairy was located at 1406 South Washington Avenue, according to the company. Back then, most people received milk by home delivery, and Quality Dairy served the community.

Since then, Quality Dairy has expanded to offer a full line up special, locally-made food items, such as its famed ice cream and QD French Onion Dip. They also offer many everyday grocery items, such as cereals, snacks, soups, cheese, frozen foods and beer and wine. Oh, and don’t forget about the donuts. You’ve got to have the donuts.

Over the years, Quality Dairy has evolved. In 1955, Harvey Mack sold out to Mr. Martin, who brought in three other owners. But, the store is still committed to serving the local community.

“We’re proud to have been a part of the Lansing community for over 85 years and we look forward to growing along side our communities for many more years to come,” Quality Dairy states on their official website.

Here are some fun facts about Quality Dairy, straight from the company.

Quality Dairy fun facts:

  • Quality Dairy Company currently operates 27 stores throughout the greater Lansing area.
  • In March, Quality Dairy will celebrate its 86th year serving mid-Michigan.
  • Magic Johnson once worked at Quality Dairy.
  • Quality Dairy is one of the largest producers of Paczki in the State. Each year, the store produces and sells almost 250,000 Paczki during the period leading up to “Fat Tuesday.”
  • Quality Dairy is one of mid-Michigan’s largest employers. They’re also one of the few large mid-Michigan businesses that’s family-owned.

For more information on Quality Dairy, visit their official website.

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