Lansing may be getting a new music venue

Some of the same people behind Common Ground Music Festival could be opening a new Lansing music venue

LANSING, Mich. – There’s no denying that Lansing, Michigan, is lacking when it comes to live music venues. Some of the cities longest running music venues closed due to the pandemic, including Mac’s Bar and the Loft, both in the downtown area. Even before the pandemic, there was a long list of Lansing music venues that were forced to shut down for one reason or another, including Small Planet, the Dollar – affectionately named the “Dirty Dollar” – and more.

Currently, Lansing doesn’t even have one small or mid-sized music venue. That could change, however, if some new plans go through.

Initial plans to open another venue for live entertainment in Lansing are underway. RBM Properties is proposing a $355,000 renovation to a familiar building on Washington Square where some old night clubs used to stand.

Lansing partygoers will recognize the build, as it used to be a range of clubs, including Club Paradise, Club X-Cel and the Blue Knight Hookah Lounge.

According to one of the people looking to make the renovation, Kevin Meyer — who is also the director for the Common Ground Music Festival — the Lansing Economic Development Corporation approved a $136,500 loan for the project.

The project is currently in the beginning phases. No word yet on what the new venue would be called. Urgence News will update you as the project progresses.

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