Michigan school launches podcast to empower people with autism

Michigan's Lincoln Park Public Schools has launched a podcast to tell inspiring stories about people living with autism

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. — Michigan’s Lincoln Park Public Schools (LPPS) has launched a podcast run entirely by students with autism. LPPS Mixter Institute students produce the show, called “Mixing It Up With Mixter,” which highlights the “strengths, interests and resilience of students living with autism in the Lincoln Park community,” according to a release.

The show first aired in November 2021 and is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“The big idea was to learn how to start a podcast from start to launch and continue with the content throughout the school year,” Mixter principal Robyn Castle said in a statement. “This podcast demonstrates how each student and adult with autism has skills to offer their community. A podcast is an excellent platform for our students to make their voices heard and listen back to hear their own successes.”

LPPS assisted Mixter teacher Kari Thomas with the technology resources to create the podcast.

“‘Mixing It Up With Mixter’ is 100% student-created and student-driven, and each episode shines a light on people with autism, highlighting numerous opportunities for students with autism to develop real-life skills and abilities that prepare them for the modern workforce,” Thomas said. “We all have a vested interest in the success of these terrific individuals, and “Mixing It Up With Mixter’ is truly inspirational for both our students and our community.”

Mixter Institute’s post-high school program is open to young adults ages 18-26 with autism who live in one of 17 districts in the Downriver-Dearborn communities.

“‘Mixing It Up With Mixter’ provides an additional skill set in technology, empowers students to explore their creativity and engages them within our community — all strengths that can benefit local businesses and organizations,” LPPS superintendent Terry Dangerfield said. “This podcast is blazing a new trail for students with autism, and we invite other schools and organizations to follow our lead.”

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