Is Michigan State football causing Alabama to sweat?

Alabama is starting to see MSU football as a threat, and the Spartans are loving it

Is it possible that Michigan State football is being seen as a threat to the mighty Alabama?

There’s no denying that Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker has brought a lot of excitement, and a whole lot of wins, to Michigan State football.

Now, Alabama can’t help but notice that MSU could be the next big contender on the national scene. They’re even trolling Michigan State when it comes to recruiting via Samson Okunlola. Check out the tweet below. In it, Alabama basically says they have the substance and legacy, while MSU just has the flash.

Even though the tweet is trying to put down Michigan State football, it really does the opposite in that is shows that Alabama, considered the best team in the nation, is sweating when it comes to MSU and trying to recruit new stars. One thing is for certain: There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming MSU football season. Time will tell if it’s all just “flash,” as Alabama wants to claim, or if it’s the real deal. I’m going with the latter.

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