Michigan State University Raises More than $200 in Fundraising Efforts

MSU brought in $52 million more than last year

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Michigan State University is closing out the fiscal year with record-breaking fundraising numbers, due to the generosity of alums, friends and partners.

“Spartan pride is strong and dedicated folks have given a record-breaking $284 million dollars to the university, which was a 22 percent increase over the previous year,” Kim Tobin, vice president of advancement, said in a statement.

Raising $284 million dollars means MSU brought in $52 million more than last year. “That number of $284 million incorporates gifts to all areas of the university, everything from our colleges to supporting the library, to supporting the arts programs to athletics, you name it,” Tobin said.

Around $250 million of the funds will go to scholarships, research and endowment funds. More than 70,000 people made donations, according to Tobin.

“I want to thank our donor community and the impact that they’re making is tremendous, and we couldn’t do this without you,” Tobin said

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