Dan Campbell wishes he hadn’t gone for 54-yard field goal in fourth quarter

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell regrets his move during the Minnesota Vikings game

The Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaker of a game on Sunday (Sept. 25) against the Minnesota Vikings. It’s a game they were winning for the majority of the game and lost in the final minute, following a questionable call to go for a 54-yard field goal, leading the Vikings in prime position to get a touchdown, which they did.

Fans were scratching their head at the call, and now, Lions head coach Dan Campbell says he regrets it.

“I freakin’ regret my decision there at the end,” Campbell said during the Lions’ post-game press conference. “I should have gone for it on fourth down. I told the team that we should’ve gone for it. . . . I just hate the decision. I wish I would’ve put it back in their hands offensively and so be it. I just wish I would’ve done that.”

The thing that doesn’t make sense is that even if Seibert had made the kick, it would have remained a one-possession game. The Lions would have been up six points and the Vikings would have won the game with a touchdown.

The Lions’ next game is against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (Oct. 2). The Lions are currently favorited to win the game, but we all know that doesn’t mean much.

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