Detroit Lions prove naysayers wrong with 7-7 record

Instead of 'Same Ol' Lions,' fans are chanting 'Brand New Lions'

The Detroit Lions are truly the talk of the NFL. The team has won six of their past seven games. It’s a huge feat for a group of guys who were 1-6 at the start of the 2022 season.

On Sunday (Dec. 18), the Lions squeaked out a win against the New York Jets. Now, countless NFL commentators are talking about the Lions in the best way possible. They’re saying the team is the one to beat. According to, the Lions are even favored over Washington (35%) and Seattle (30%) to get a spot in the playoffs.

ESPN’s “Get Up” show did a segment on the Lions Monday (Dec. 19). During the segment, they discussed how nobody in the leage wants to play the Detroit Lions. The Lions are truly the hottest team on the roster right now and the team to beat.

“Nobody wants to play ’em,” Rex Ryan said. “I’m tellin’ you that right now. How many teams 1-6 they end up folding, now we’re punting on the season, fire the coach. Not one time did that team flinch. Why? Because they’re locked in it together: head coach, general manager, all that. They have a direction for this football team. And all a year before expected to. This team is playing their butts off.”

He added, “They don’t let go of the rope. Their defense, all of a sudden yeah they struggled all year, right now they have 98 (quarterback) pressures in the last seven games, so they’re playing great. The offense is a joke, this offense is a phenomenal offense.”

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