Scooby Doo immersive exhibit coming to the Detroit area

Scooby Doo is coming to The Henry Ford this winter and spring

DETROIT, Mich. – An immersive mystery exhibit featuring Scooby Doo is coming to The Henry Ford this winter and spring.

“Scooby-Doo!™ Mansion Mayhem!” is created for people of all ages. The exhibit seeks to solve the mystery of a jewel-thieving ghost who has escaped being caught by the police. The ghost was last seen inside the spooky mansion.

Visitors will experience four rooms in the mansion: the kitchen, library and music room, the villain’s workshop and the hall of portraits. Shaggy and Scooby will be in the kitchen, Velma in the Library and Music Room, Fred in the workshop and Daphne in the Hall of Portraits.

“As families work their way through the mansion they will meet the members of Mystery Inc. in various rooms and analyze clues the jewel thief left behind,” The Henry Ford website states about the immersive exhibit.

The exhibit description adds, “Although some mysteries can be spooky for younger kids we feel like the Scooby-Doo exhibit is suitable for children of all ages. In this exhibit we really want kids and grownups to learn about team work and that when we tackle spooky or challenging tasks as a team, we can give each other courage.”

Admission to the immersive exhibit is free for people with normal museum admission. It will run Feb. 12 through April 9 at The Henry Ford. Find more information here.

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