America: Here Are the Top Cities for Finding an Affordable Home in 2023

If you really want to buy a house that's affordable, where should you look?

The housing market is finally coming down, but it’s still very high. So, if you really want to buy a house that’s affordable, where should you look?

According to, “Despite the record high sale prices and equally steep mortgage rates in 2022, there are still some cities in the United States where the average earner can afford a home.”

They continue, “By scraping economic and housing data to predict the growth of home prices and sales in 100 of biggest US metros, ranked the top places where people can still buy an affordable home in 2023. According to their methodology, this year’s homebuyers can expect reasonable deals in cities like Hartford, Connecticut and El Paso, Texas, both of which avoided much of the intense buyer competition and rapid home price growth seen in other parts of the country during the pandemic. At a time where the typical home is priced near $400,000, a good indicator of a housing market’s health is the balance between home sales and price growth.”

So, which U.S. cities have the best prices? Read the top 10 below and find the full list here.

1. Hartford-West Hartford, Connecticut
2. El Paso, Texas
3. Louisville, Kentucky
4. Worcester, Massachusetts
5. Buffalo-Cheektowaga, New York
6. Augusta, Georgia
7. Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Michigan
8. Columbia, South Carolina
9. Chattanooga, Tennessee
10. Toledo, Ohio

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