Michiganders Have an Interesting Phobia

The No. 1 phobia of Michigander might not be what you expect

The No. 1 phobia of Michigander might not be what you expect. At least, we’re surprised.

The staff at has put together a tally of the most common phobias in Michigan. In doing their research, the outlet analyzed web searches “around all things ‘phobias’, to reveal what were the most searched for over the last 12 months.” According to the study, about 9.1% of Americans having some form of phobia.

So, what’s the biggest phobia in Michigan? We’re a bit perplexed. According to the research, the top phobia in Michigan is Trypophobia, which is “the fear of clustered patterns of irregular holes.” They also state that it’s “a phobia interestingly not categorized as an official phobia around the world.” It sounds like a fear of potholes, which I do understand, coming from a Michigander.

As for the No. 2 biggest phobia in Michigan, it’s Thalassophobia, the fear of oceans, with 56,640 searches. That’s also an odd pick, since we don’t have oceans in Michigan. Claustrophobia, which is the fear of closed spaces, is No. 3. Read the full list via

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