Man Wins Michigan Lotto thanks to his dog

The Michigan man won $300,000 on a Michigan instant online game

A Michigan man recently won $300,000 in the Michigan Lottery. That might not seem all that odd, but the cool thing is that it’s kind of thanks to his dog.

The Michigan man won $300,000 on a Michigan instant online game. He decided to play at that moment when he was letting his dog out early in the morning.

A press release states that the Muskegon County man says he learned about the Michigan Lottery’s “Royal VIP” game from friends who were playing the new online instant game. He gave it a try, and he won.

“I got up early one morning to let my dog out and decided to play a few games of Royal VIP before starting my day” he said in a press release.

The player, 40, has decided to remain anonymous. He was shocked at the winnings.

“I won $700 within a few minutes of playing and was happy with that. A few minutes later, I won again, but I thought I’d only won $300 at first,” he said via the Michigan Lottery. “When I realized I had actually won $300,000, I didn’t think it was real.”

He added, “It wasn’t until I saw my account balance with instructions on claiming the prize that I knew I had really won. It was such a shock and is still sinking in!” He says he’ll save the money that he won. Good move.

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