Detroit Lions looking to move headquarters

The team is seriously considering moving

The Detroit Lions currently have their headquarters is in Allen Park, Michigan. However, that could all change in the next few years.

Speaking with media this week, team president Rod Wood said the team is seriously considering moving- and soon. “We’re considering whether we’re going to continue to stay there and put more money into the facility, or be better off looking at locations elsewhere in Metro Detroit, where we’d have more space for the team and training camp for the fans,” he said.

But, for now, they are going to stay in Allen Park. Still, Wood explained, “…we’re going to stay where we are…” for the short term. He said moving the facility is a goal they won’t hit this year, but it’s a “near-term thing that needs to be decided.”

The Lions have made plenty of renovations and improvements to their practice space over the years. But, if they really want to take the team to the next level and live up to all the hype they’re earning as of late, a new practice space would be a good way to help.

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