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Accidents involving electric power increased in 2018

The number of accidents involving electric energy increased in Brazil in 2018, totaling 891 against 863 registered in the previous year. The number of episodes with deaths also increased from 252 to 271 in the same period. The data was presented by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee), at a press conference this Monday in Brasilia. The increase of… Read more »

Deforestation: ‘The sovereignty of the country is at stake’, says Carlos Nobre

Carlos Nobre, a researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Federal University of São Paulo (IEA-USP), one of the world’s leading climatology specialists, emphatically said he had no doubt about the quality of deforestation detections in the Amazon made in Brazil. “INPE (National Institute for Special Research, responsible for monitoring) is the most qualified body in the world… Read more »

The government will adopt a new system to monitor deforestation

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles announced Thursday that the government will adopt a new model for monitoring deforestation in the country. The change comes after President Jair Bolsonaro’s team challenged data released by the National Institute for Special Research (INPE) based on the Deter system. The new system, according to the minister, will have high-resolution satellite images taken in real time… Read more »

Trump praises nomination of Eduardo Bolsonaro as ambassador

US President Donald Trump praised on Tuesday the appointment of Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, to the position of Brazilian ambassador in Washington. “I know his son. I think his son is an excellent, brilliant, and wonderful young man. I’m very happy that he nominated him and I think it’s a great nomination,” Trump told reporters… Read more »

Suspected cell phone hacker says he gave information to a journalist

Walter Delgatti Neto, one of the detainees investigated for hacking phones, said he had provided information about the content obtained to journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is responsible for a website that has leaked talks between prosecutors at Lava Jato and Sergio Moro while serving as judge of the operation. On Tuesday, four people were provisionally arrested and investigated regarding their… Read more »

Number of closed industries in Sao Paulo is largest in a decade

The State of São Paulo, the largest industrial center in the country, recorded the closing of 2,325 manufacturing and mining industries in the first five months of the year. The number is the highest for the period in the last decade and 12% higher than last year, according to the Board of Trade. The data indicates that the weak recovery of… Read more »

Greater São Paulo air quality has improved over the last 10 years

The metropolitan region of Sao Paulo has improved its air quality over the past 10 years, says a report released on Thursday by the São Paulo State Environmental Company (CETESB). Since 2008, the mark established by the state decree regulating air quality standards for carbon monoxide has not been exceeded. The limit is 9 parts per million (ppm). However, the… Read more »

Families return home after dam burst in Bahia

Homeless families in the municipality of Coronel João Sá, hit by the flooding of the Rio do Peixe because of the overflow and rupture of the Quati dam, have begun to return to their homes. The information is from the secretary of communication of the city hall, Valdomiro da Conceição Jr. According to him, “the day dawned with sunshine. There… Read more »

Senate commission approves stadium smoke ban

The Senate Social Affairs Commission on Wednesday approved a ban on smoking at sporting events, including football stadiums and gyms. Reported by Senator Romário (Somos-RJ), the proposal now goes to the Chamber of Deputies. The bill is by Senator Eduardo Girão (Somos-CE). If approved by the House, the proposal will allow smoking for the first time in open spaces. Initially,… Read more »

Father and son suspected of joining Italian mafia will be arrested in SP

The two suspected members of the Italian mafia arrested in Praia Grande, São Paulo coast, were transferred on Monday night to the Federal Police Superintendence in the capital. Yesterday, PF agents seized with them about $770,000 in cash, plus $24,400 USD and 6,165 euros. Also found were three pistols, ammunition, and almost 4 kg of a white powder that investigators… Read more »