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I am fluent in English and work as a part-time writer for Urgence News. As someone who has lived in Brazil for my whole life, I have a deep understanding of this country and am able to give an objective take on what is happening here. Mailing address: Rua PB 6 504, Goiânia, Goiás 74590-025 Phone number: (62) 2523-9336 Email:

Why a Bolsonaro-Trump agreement is more complicated than it sounds

“We are going to work on a free trade agreement with Brazil. Brazil is a great trading partner. They charge us a lot of fees, but apart from that, we love that relationship.” President Donald Trump’s complimentary speech, which responded on Tuesday to reporters’ questioning in the White House garden, opened a week of positive and enthusiastic statements by officials… Read more »

Slave Labor Operations in São Paulo Uncovered

Two companies that held sewing workshops in the Brás and Bo neighborhoods, Retirno, in downtown São Paulo, formalized an agreement with the Labor Public Prosecutor on Tuesday in Sao Paulo, pledging to pay R $324 thousand in compensation to 12 rescued workers in a situation analogous to slavery, producing clothes for their stores. Most of the workers were teenagers, were… Read more »

Jewels of former first lady Adriana Ancelmo go to auction in Rio

Famous since former Governor Sérgio Cabral was arrested in November 2016, the jewels of former first lady Adriana Ancelmo will go to auction in Rio de Janeiro. From August 15, interested parties will be able to bid and buy objects that, together, have an estimated value of R $455,400. These jewels, however, are only part of what the Lava Jato… Read more »

Ipsos Survey: 59% of Brazilians think the country is going in the wrong direction, and violence is a major concern

Brazilians are more pessimistic about the future of the country now than they were right after the first round of the 2018 elections, according to an Ipsos poll. In the latest edition of the survey, conducted between late April and early May, 59% of Brazilians said they believed the country was going “in the wrong direction.” In the previous edition… Read more »

Brazilian Rogério Shimura is elected best baker in the world

Chef-baker Rogério Shimura has been named the best baker in the world by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC), an organization that brings together associations of the bread industry from around the world. The Brazilian shares the title with chef Gustaf Mabrouk from Sweden. The two disputed the position with professionals from Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Iceland and Uruguay…. Read more »

Fiocruz says sale of vaccines saves the government $300 million

Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) provides annual savings of $300 million to the Union coffers by selling vaccines at prices below market average, said Marco Krieger, vice president of Health Production and Innovation. Most of these contracts are through Productive Development Partnerships (PDPs), a type of public power collaboration with the private sector to manufacture medicines and immunizers. This week, the… Read more »

247,000 consumers have already requested telemarketing blocking

In just over 12 hours of operation, the Do Not Disturb platform received 247,000 telemarketing call block requests in Brazil. The site registered, on average, 13,000 simultaneous hits, peaking over 40,000 hits in the morning of Tuesday. Brazil has 266 million fixed and mobile telephony customers. How to block The digital platform will allow the customer to register their telephone… Read more »

Brazilian who lived in a shelter wins a place to study in the USA

He never met his father, went to live at the age of six in a shelter and recently managed to be one of 30 winners in a selection process among 500 competitors to study in the US. Yuri de Melo Costa, 20, was approved last March to join Watson Institute’s Fall 2019 Semester Incubator, a semi-annual incubator for social project… Read more »

Bolsonaro says he is confident House will approve Social Security

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday he was confident that the House of Representatives would approve this week the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Social Security reform . Asked by journalists about the expectation for the Social Security vote, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in the House’s plenary, after being approved by the House’s special… Read more »

Ministry of Agriculture bans sale of 6 brands of olive oil

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply banned the sale of six brands of olive oil after the inspection found fraudulent products unfit for consumption. The counterfeit products had an oil mixture without the presence of olive oil. The Oliveiras do Conde, Quinta Lusitana, Quinta D’Oro, Évora, Costanera and Olivais do Porto brands should be collected from supermarket shelves and… Read more »