Three million Caixa customers will be able to pay discounted debts

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About 3 million Caixa Econômica Federal customers will be able to settle overdue debts over 360 days, with discounts ranging from 40% to 90%. The discount varies according to the type of credit contracted and the delay time. The regularization campaign launched on Tuesday by Caixa is for cash payment only and does not involve real estate credit.

Customers’ debts total R $4.1 billion and the bank expects to recover R $1 billion by offering discounts.

Debt values ​​range from R $50 to R $5 million, in unsecured or under-guaranteed contracts or considered difficult to recover.

Of the total delinquent customers, 2.6 million are individuals. According to Caixa, 92% of them will be able to pay their debts in cash for less than R $2,000.

Most individual customers have income of up to R $1,500 (60%), followed by those with income of up to R $3,000 (23%), up to R $5,000 (9%) and over R $5,000 (8%).

The most debts is consigned credit (24.7%) , followed by credit card (18.1%), construction materials card (15.2%), debt renegotiation (15.2%) personal loans (13.8%), revolving loans (11.7%) and microcredit (2%).

Cash payment

Caixa also offers renegotiation to 320,000 companies, with 65% of them having the possibility of repaying debt in cash with amounts below R $5,000.

In the case of companies, most debts are renegotiated (34.3%). Then comes working capital (25.4%), revolving (19.9%), installment payments (15.6%) and credit cards (4.7%).

The regularization campaign You in Blue is effective for 90 days across the country. The service can be done through the website, by phone, the bank’s social networks and branches.

Caixa will also service five trucks in major cities, make contact with customers through credit recovery companies and send messages to customer mobile phones.

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