AM prisons will have federal intervention for 90 days

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The task force of intervention of the Ministry of Justice in Amazonas (AM) will stay in the state for 90 days, counting from Tuesday when part of the team arrived in Manaus. According to a decree published in the Official Gazette, the officers will perform activities and services of custody, surveillance, and custody of prisoners.

The operation will have logistical support and supervision of the state’s penitentiary administration and public security bodies. The number of professionals to be provided by the Ministry of Justice will obey the planning defined by the entities involved in the operation. On Tuesday, the state received the first 20 men from the intervention task force, out of 100.

Last weekend, a faction dispute left a total of 55 dead in Manaus prisons in less than 48 hours. Amazon law enforcement officials are investigating whether the end of an alliance between Rio de Janeiro’s FDN (Northern Family) and Comando Vermelho criminal organizations is linked to the massacres.

The executions were caused by an internal crack between two wings of the NDF. At the same time, the Northern Family and the CV dispute drug outlets in Manaus and the interior of the state, as well as one of the largest cocaine outlets in the country.

On Tuesday, President of the Republic spokesman Otávio Rêgo Barros pointed out that the government’s intelligence did not detect the possibility that the confrontation could migrate from the prisons to the streets or even occur in other states. “The president is dismayed by the lurid process that has taken place,” he said.

A total of 29 prisoners involved in the killings are to be transferred from Manaus to federal maximum security prisons at the request of the government of Amazonas. By Tuesday, the transfer of nine prisoners had been completed, and that of another 20 detainees had been confirmed.

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