Governors seek funding of $15 billion this year

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On May 24, during a meeting in Recife, President Jair Bolsonaro responded with a joke to the election of the 11 governors of the region covered by the SUDENE (Northeast Development Superintendence).. “Give me a pen I sign now,” said Bolsonaro at the time.

The governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino (PCdoB), drafted the draft of a bill in minutes. Bolsonaro, of course, did not sign the paper, but announced an extra $4 billion in funding to the Northeast Constitutional Financing Fund and pledged to carry out the request of the governors.

They call for emergency access, because of the economic crisis that directly affects state administrations, to 30% of the existing resources in the constitutional development funds of the Northeast, North and Midwest for infrastructure works. These funds total more than R $46 billion.

If the proposal was effective, the states would have almost $15 billion more in the coffers later this year. Today funds can only be released directly to companies and farmers enrolled in regional credit programs.

This is the most ambitious project born of the new regional consortia and government support means an important victory for the states that can benefit. With the support of the federal government, the proposal was approved by the deliberative councils of the respective regions and is now being prepared by the Ministry of Regional Development.

“As for the election by the governors of the North and the Midwest, the Ministry of Regional Development has received the motion for resolution from the deliberative councils and is now working to define the procedures and identify the necessary regulatory adjustments to make this proposal viable,” informed the folder by note.

For Minister Gustavo Canuto, the release of the resource is important for the development of the Northeast region. “It is important to note that this credit is available to various sectors of the economy and can serve from small family farmers to large enterprises in the region. We are also talking about logistics and initiatives for the generation of electricity from clean sources, for example. It is a resource that greatly assists the development of the Northeast,” he said.

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