247,000 consumers have already requested telemarketing blocking

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In just over 12 hours of operation, the Do Not Disturb platform received 247,000 telemarketing call block requests in Brazil. The site registered, on average, 13,000 simultaneous hits, peaking over 40,000 hits in the morning of Tuesday. Brazil has 266 million fixed and mobile telephony customers.

How to block

The digital platform will allow the customer to register their telephone number so as not to receive telemarketing messages offering telephony, pay-TV and internet services.

In order to stop receiving these calls, the customer will have to provide full name, social security number and email to create a login and password.

The block will be effective within 30 calendar days from the date of the request.

According to Anatel, if a person requests their inclusion and continues to receive calls offering telecommunications goods and services, they may call 1331 and make a complaint. The sanctions will range from a warning to a fine of up to $50 million.

Other measures

Another decision by Anatel is that these companies will no longer be able to make telephone calls for the purpose of offering their packages or telecommunications services to consumers who register the number on the national list to be created.

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