Brazilian Rogério Shimura is elected best baker in the world

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Chef-baker Rogério Shimura has been named the best baker in the world by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC), an organization that brings together associations of the bread industry from around the world. The Brazilian shares the title with chef Gustaf Mabrouk from Sweden.

The two disputed the position with professionals from Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Iceland and Uruguay.

“When I received the call from Mr. Antero [Antero José Pereira, president of Sampapão], I thought he wanted to say something about Fipan [sector fair that will be held starting this Tuesday]. When he greeted me and said I won the prize, I couldn’t believe it!”

Shimura was elected last year the best baker in the Americas by the Inter-American Bread Industry Confederation (CIPAN).

For him, this recognition is the result of much research that the company does in innovation and monitoring of world trends.

“I opened my first bakery in 1987. My family has been in the bakery business since 1946. We delivered bread with the wagon,” he says.

Shimura owns the Shimura Breads chain, which will invest in the seven-square-meter express bakery model in the coming months. Until recently, the company had two stores in the Pátio Paulista and Cidade São Paulo malls.

The opening of new stores will start in the city of São Paulo. The date has not been set. They can be seen at the International Bakery, Confectionery and Food Business Fair (Fipan), which starts today at 1 pm and runs until July 26 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.

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