Our Writers

We are all Brazilians living in Brazil. Our information is as follows:

Júlio P Silva

Olá! I'm a proud Brazilian living in Sao Paulo who begun Urgence News with the intention of reporting on what's happening in Brazil in clear and concise English. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have feedback or would like to know anything about Urgence News.

Mailing address: Rua do Cisne 1059, Campo Limpo Paulista, São Paulo 13234-432
Phone number: (11) 3953-7297
Email: julio@urgence.tv

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    Kauê S Martins

    I am fluent in English and work as a part-time writer for Urgence News. As someone who has lived in Brazil for my whole life, I have a deep understanding of this country and am able to give an objective take on what is happening here.

    Mailing address: Rua PB 6 504, Goiânia, Goiás 74590-025
    Phone number: (62) 2523-9336
    Email: kaue@urgence.tv
    Kauê S Martins

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      Beatrice A Costa

      I have an interest in politics and current events that are taking place in Brazil.

      Mailing address: Rua Rio Grande do Sul 439, São José dos Pinhais, Paraná 83030-350
      Phone number: (41) 3805-4108
      Email: beatrice@urgence.tv

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