Accidents involving electric power increased in 2018

The number of accidents involving electric energy increased in Brazil in 2018, totaling 891 against 863 registered in the previous year. The number of episodes with deaths also increased from 252 to 271 in the same period. The data was presented by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee), at a press conference this Monday in Brasilia. The increase of… Read more »

Minister Marcos Pontes to announce the new director of INPE shortly

The Minister of Science and Technology, Innovation and Communication, Marcos Pontes, said in an interview with Radio Eldorado that the name of the new director of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) should be announced between Monday and Tuesday. According to him, the criterion will be technical and, among the favorites, is an Air Force officer and an expert… Read more »

Bolsonaro says Brazil has too many labor rights

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Monday to YouTube’s Leda Nagle Channel that workers who are complaining about their joblessness and “criticizing their boss” should try to endeavor to “see what a heavy bar is like.” The president also said that he has already expressed to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, the desire to create a program entitled “My First… Read more »

Why a Bolsonaro-Trump agreement is more complicated than it sounds

“We are going to work on a free trade agreement with Brazil. Brazil is a great trading partner. They charge us a lot of fees, but apart from that, we love that relationship.” President Donald Trump’s complimentary speech, which responded on Tuesday to reporters’ questioning in the White House garden, opened a week of positive and enthusiastic statements by officials… Read more »

Deforestation fires at Xingu, one of the last ‘shields’ of the Amazon

Deforestation in protected areas in the Xingu River basin in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso grew 44.7% in May and June 2019 compared to the same period last year, reinforcing the upward trend in Amazon deforestation and increasing pressures on one of the biome’s main ecological corridors. The data is from Sirad X, a bulletin published every two… Read more »

Deforestation: ‘The sovereignty of the country is at stake’, says Carlos Nobre

Carlos Nobre, a researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Federal University of São Paulo (IEA-USP), one of the world’s leading climatology specialists, emphatically said he had no doubt about the quality of deforestation detections in the Amazon made in Brazil. “INPE (National Institute for Special Research, responsible for monitoring) is the most qualified body in the world… Read more »

Bolsonaro says NATO designation of Brazil is “welcome”

President Jair Bolsonaro commented on Thursday the announcement of the official designation of Brazil as the preferred military ally of the country outside NATO. He said the matter was dealt with by President Donald Trump during his visit to the United States in March. “We welcome our participation as a great extra-NATO ally, which facilitates many things. The most important… Read more »

The government will adopt a new system to monitor deforestation

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles announced Thursday that the government will adopt a new model for monitoring deforestation in the country. The change comes after President Jair Bolsonaro’s team challenged data released by the National Institute for Special Research (INPE) based on the Deter system. The new system, according to the minister, will have high-resolution satellite images taken in real time… Read more »

Slave Labor Operations in São Paulo Uncovered

Two companies that held sewing workshops in the Brás and Bo neighborhoods, Retirno, in downtown São Paulo, formalized an agreement with the Labor Public Prosecutor on Tuesday in Sao Paulo, pledging to pay R $324 thousand in compensation to 12 rescued workers in a situation analogous to slavery, producing clothes for their stores. Most of the workers were teenagers, were… Read more »

Jewels of former first lady Adriana Ancelmo go to auction in Rio

Famous since former Governor Sérgio Cabral was arrested in November 2016, the jewels of former first lady Adriana Ancelmo will go to auction in Rio de Janeiro. From August 15, interested parties will be able to bid and buy objects that, together, have an estimated value of R $455,400. These jewels, however, are only part of what the Lava Jato… Read more »