Danna Paola Updates Fans on Her Health After Posing with an Oxygen Mask

Over the weekend, Danna Paola caused a stir after appearing on social media with an oxygen mask. Some followers even assumed she had COVID-19 and posted messages of concern. It caused quite a scandal on social media, so the singer broke her silence to share some information about her state of health.

The “Bad Fame” and “Calla Tu” star shared the images on her Instagram stories. In the images, where she’s wearing the oxygen mask, she also write, “Bundle up, you little friends,” without giving any other information on what was going on in her life.

A few hours later, the controversy spiked, and a rumor started spreading that she, indeed, had coronavirus. The actress took to Instagram and her other social accounts to clarify her health, while also thanking her fans for the support and concern.

“Babies, thank you for worrying, I am completely resting, since I got very sick… the common cold I caught is very heavy, thank goodness it is not Covid,” she wrote.

In addition, she also asked her many fans to be safe, as COVID-19 is still a major concern. She told followers to keep taking temperatures checks and take other measures to avoid getting COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases.

“But please cover up well, eat well and increase your defenses with many vitamins, take good care of this heavy thing,” she said.

After posting the message, Paola received thousands of supportive messages, in which her fans thanked her for sharing the update on her health.

“How good that you’re better and taking care of yourself too,” “Get well soon, we’re sending you all the love in the world, baby,” “We send you all the good waves so that you get better and continue to fill this world of art “,” La health above all, take care of yourself and take care of yourself a lot and soon you are at 100%k,” “Baby take care of yourself, follow all the medical indications and you will improve quickly” and “Luckily it won’t is nothing serious, you worried us a lot,” are a few of the heartfelt messages.

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