Michigan’s smallest town has just 11 people

House Beautiful has determined the smallest town in every state, including Michigan

It’s time for some fun Michigan trivia, so let’s learn about the smallest town in the state. After all, there’s no denying that Michigan has some beautiful rural areas.

The folks at House Beautiful set out to determine the smallest cities in the United States, and this Michigan spot is one of them.

“When it comes to small towns, every state boasts at least one scenic mountain town, one pretty lake town, and one quirky small-town destination, but only one can take the top spot as the absolute teeniest!” the publication states on its website. “Here you’ll find the least-populated small towns in the U.S. Many of these towns have just one, two or three lonesome locals.”

So, what town is Michigan’s tiniest? According to House Beautiful, the smallest spot in the Mitten is Pilgrim, which has a population of 11. Yes, just 11 people currently reside in Pilgrim, according to the pub.

Pilgrim is located in Benzie County, inside Crystal Lake Township. “This teeny town sits on Portage Lake, a body of water adjacent to Lake Superior,” House Beautiful states about Pilgrim.

The 2010 Census reported that Pilgrim had five men and six women living there at the time with a median age range of 76 years old, as reported in City-Data. The closest large city to Pilgrim, meaning a city of more than 50,000 people, is Green Bay, Wisconsin, which has a population of 104,777 as of 2019.

House Beautiful ranks Pilgrim as the No. 22 smallest town in America. The smallest town, according to their study, is Bonanza, Utah, with a population of just one. Other tiny Midwest towns featured include Odanah, Wisconsin, with a population of 13; Rendville, Ohio, with a population of 36; Funkley, Minnesota, with a population of five; and River Forest, Indiana, with a population of 22.

View the full list of small cities from House Beautiful here.

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