What’s closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Banks, post offices and more

Martin Luther King Jr. Day honors the integral civil rights leader

Monday (Jan. 17) is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the special day is being recognized throughout the U.S. to pay tribute to the integral civil rights leader.

President Ronald Reagan made Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday in 1983, and the holiday was first observed in 1986. It’s a way to honor the civil rights maven, who was assassinated in 1968. The day also falls around King’s birthday, which takes place on Jan. 15.

Many Americans will have today off, since it’s a federal holiday, and many businesses and government entities will be closed. In addition, a handful of cities throughout the U.S. will be hosting parades, including Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, while other cities will be holding other events that recognize Dr. King.

As for major retailers such as Meijer, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club and major grocery chains, those stores will be open Monday, as well as most national restaurant chains. While these establishments will mostly be open, holiday hours may be in place, so check with your local stores and restaurants.

Here are some establishments that will be closed today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

The United States Postal Service will be closed on Monday across America to honor the holiday. All branches will be closed, and there will not be mail delivery to homes or businesses.

The New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday.

Major banks will be closed on MLK Day. Customers will still be able to use ATMs to get cash or put money into your account, plus use online banking services.

Most Department of Motor Vehicle offices will be closed.

Government buildings will be closed, including courts. Many public libraries and city offices will also be closed. Check with your local government entities for specific information about your area.

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