GM looking to hire 8,000 workers in technical fields in 2022

The Detroit autometer is expanding several technical teams

DETROIT, Mich. – General Motors is looking to hire more than 8,000 workers in technical fields this year. According to the Detroit automaker, GM has openings for computer and software workers, mechanical and electrical engineers, battery engineers, cyber security experts and more.

According to a statement from GM released this week, the company is expanding several technical teams that are involved with vehicle software, engineer hydrogen fuel cells for non-automotive uses and batter design.

GM’s technical center is in Warren, Michigan, near Detroit, but the automaker says new hires won’t always have to work on location. GM has a “work appropriately” policy that allows employees to work where they want, when the work allows. Call it part of the new, more flexible work environment that companies are offering workers during the current “great resignation.”

Technical jobs are hot right now. GM has added roughly 21,000 technical workers since late 2022. As for diversity, GM reports that in 2021, roughly one-third of its new hires were women and 42% were from “under-represented minority groups.”

According to Iwao Fusillo, GM’s chief data and analytics officer, said automaker is producing electric and autonomous vehicles, safety features and subscription services, which are all dependent on software. Fusillo commented, “In order to execute against that, we need to bring in thousands and thousands of tech talent.”

Ford Motor Co. has also been hiring workers in technology and software. In addition, Stellantis NV is creating a software and data academy, with the hopes that by 2024, they’ll have 4,500 software engineers around the world. Stellantis has also launched a partnership with Inc., in which they’re launching a global curriculum called the Agile-Auto Software and Data Academy to teach software, data and cloud technology.

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